The Science

A consistent harmonic balance can be difficult for most people to achieve for numerous different reasons. The human body has an electoral frequency and a person's health can be determined by it. Everything has frequency. The human body averages a frequency between 62 MHz - 68 MHz. If our frequency drops below 62 MHz, our cells begin to change, our immune system becomes compromised and if our frequency drops below 42 MHz, cancer and other serious illnesses begin to form. So how does our frequency drop? Our thoughts and feelings is the culprit. Our bodies are naturally programmed to heal itself, so no matter the current state of pain, sickness or illness, as long as we consciously increase our frequency over 72 MHz the body will perform miraculous healing. 

Because herbs and barks are rooted to the Earth, they have a different vibration than humans do. Herbal products are able to enhance the bodies frequency while unblocking the healing that is already within us. High Frequency is the basis for all healing, restoring and optimum health. Part of having a strong mind, body and spirit connection is to also live in harmony with our Earth. Here at Herbs Fit Life, we incorporate the wisdom of the medicine wheel into the creation of all of our products, the 5 Elements of the Universe; 1) Earth/ North 2) Fire/ South 3) Air/ East 4) Water/ West and 5) Spiritual Force/ Aether. In doing so, our products are naturally high frequency. Our products contain organic dry herbs and essential oils, which have a frequency range of 52 Hz to 320 Hz. We pride ourselves on offering effective products with high frequency. These higher frequencies are absorb within the body and create an environment for optimum health.

In raising our vibrations individually, we will collectively raise vibrations and inspire consciousness to all things around the world. Let's become more interconnected and live in happiness, health and harmony. 

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