About US

All of our products are 100% original, highly effective, created and tested by us, on real people — never on animals and are handmade. We take great pride in using only high quality, organic, vegan ingredients and reusable packaging.

About our M + J products:

We have formulated an ultraefficient, unique and natural approach to pain and inflammation relief while helping the body raise its frequency. Our product line, M + J, is inspired by our Muscle and Joint Pain Relief & Anti- Inflammatory Herbal Balm. Our herbal balm uses an innovative triple processing method incorporating solar infused oils (40 days & nights), essential oils, medicinal tincture blend, solar charged crystals and of course, the native spirit. Our M + J product line is ideal for the following conditions: Chronic Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Pre & Post Workout, Injury Recovery, Fibromyalgia, Cramps, Carpal Tunnel, Headache, Stress & Anxiety.

About our Higher Self products:

We believe at the basis of good health is to have a strong connection with your higher self/ the source that is all. We carefully formulated highly effective, high frequency products to assist in meditation, calming stress & anxiety, opening charkas, enhancing spirituality and raising the body’s frequency for optimum well being. Our Higher Self products are ideal for those looking to: Build a stronger mind, body & spirit connection, practice meditation, tap into the higher self frequently, calm nerves and anxiety, calm the mind, heal the spirit, attempting to astro project or have lucid dreaming and build a higher state of consciousness.




We believe the most effective medicinal products come from organic and wildcrafted herbs and barks - how nature has always intended. Nature is our pharmacy.

We believe in using organic herbs and barks to empower the body to rebalance and heal itself. We also believe in a spiritual component to healing; the act of co-creating with our physical universe. The Earth offers us everything we need to be healthy, abundant and live in spiritual peace. When we are in harmony with the Earth and have respect for all living things, our cells are in harmony within us. When we are in disharmony, cellular degeneration, pain and disease occurs.

When we collect our organic herbs and barks to create our products, we always pay our respects and give thanks to mother Earth, creating a pure and harmonic vibrational experience. We are all interconnected to nature. Keeping this understanding at the basis of all of our formulations results in products that are highly effective, high vibrational and mind, body & spirit aligning.

The quality of our ingredients decipher our products effectiveness. We pride ourselves on giving you high quality and effective products to help you achieve optimum health and peace.