Palo Stick Bundles

Palo Stick Bundles


These bundles are made with 4 pieces of Palo Santo from Ecuador, an organic bay leave, a cruelty free white feather and faux leather.

When burned, Palo Santo and the bay leaf will offer spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, removal of negativity, encourage physical healing and will allow a deeper connection to source. When you are are in an environment of good energy and feeling relaxed, it is easier to control your mind into thinking good thoughts of health, abundance and love. When you think good thoughts, you then begin to feel those thoughts, raising your bodies vibration frequency.

All vegan, organic and handmade with intention for health and purification, these bundles are great for everyday use. Give as a gift or enjoy yourself.

We offer different colors of the faux leather tie. Currently we have blue, green and brown available in this shop, but we can make your order using a light pink, light purple or light brown. Email us at to customize your order.

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