M + J Massage Oil Blend

M + J Massage Oil Blend


This highly effective Massage Oil Blend is formulated to quickly penetrate deep into your skin for fast acting relief and relaxation. Use a little or use a lot, this highly concentrated blend is safe on sensitive skin.

Uses for this oil blend include: Joint Pain, Muscle Stiffness, Fascia Tension, Arthritis, Headaches and General Stress Relief.

Directions: Place 3-6 drops on area of tension or pain and rub into skin throughly. Apply as needed.For Headaches or general tension and stress relief, place a few drops on temples and behind the ears. Rub in throughly.

Ingredients: Essential Oils; Eucalyptus, Camphor, Tumeric, Wintergreen, Peppermint & Calendula. Carrier Oils; M + J Solar Infused Oil, Mahanarayan Oil.

Not recommended for pregnant women. Always consult your physician before using any medicinal products.

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