M + J Roll-On Multi Purpose Oil

M + J Roll-On Multi Purpose Oil


For those of you who are constantly on the go and need some soothing throughout the day, this M + J Roll on is for YOU! Simply roll over areas causing you pain, aches, inflammation or use behind the ears and temples for tension release. This Roll-On is also great for pre and post workouts, as it contains a special blend of oils to keep you pain & cramp free. A piece of turquoise is within each Roll-On to amplify healing vibrations.

Directions: Roll over any area needing relief from minor pain, tension, stiffness or place on temples and behind ears for headaches.

Ingredients: Magnesium Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils; Eucalyptus, Campher, Tumeric, Wintergreen & Peppermint. All Organic and Vegan.

Not recommended for use by pregnant women. Always consult your physician before using medicinal supplements.

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