M + J Herbal Supplement

M + J Herbal Supplement


Throw away your ibuprofen and make room for this M + J Herbal Supplement on your medicine shelf! When you are feeling pains or aches, before turning to NSAID’s, place a few drops of this supplement under your tongue or in your water and it will work the same. Yes… an all natural alternative to Advil & Tylenol!

This carefully formulated tincture blend takes up to 60 days to be curated. The herbs and barks used complement each other to bring you a highly effective, natural and organic alternative for pain relief.

Directions: Place 8-10 drops under your tongue or in an 8 oz glass of water. Take between meals and as needed 2-3 hours apart. This supplement may also be used topical on area of pain or inflammation.

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Cramp Bark, Red & White Willow Bark, Chamomile Flowers, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Comfrey.

Not recommended for pregnant women. Always consult your physician before using medicinal supplements.

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