CHAKRA Roll-On Essential Oil for Crown, Third Eye, Throat & Heart

CHAKRA Roll-On Essential Oil for Crown, Third Eye, Throat & Heart


This essential oil blend has been formulated to balance, align and help open the following chakras collectively: Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart.

Within the body, we all have 7 main Chakras (invisible energetic life forces; vortex). If one or more Chakras are out of balance due to factors such as fear or anger, it can create dis-ease, depression and a depletion in energy. When all Chakras are in balance, an overall sense of vitality and contentment is felt. Use this roll-on blend before participating in meditation, yoga or apply before bed to promote lucid dreaming.

There are also physical benefits of using this Chakra Roll-On Oil Blend. Because of the essential oil and carrier oil combination, this blend can aid in relief from; Stress, Anxiety, Inflammation, Minor Aches and Dry Skin.

**We use ONLY Organic Ingredients**

Ingredients: Essential Oils; Frankincense, Grapefruit, Birch, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose, Melissa. Carrier Oils; Almond and Coconut Oil.

Please note we add turquoise to each Roll-On bottle to enhance healing vibrations.

Safety Precautions: If an essential oil is new to you, familiarize yourself with the benefits and warnings. When trying a new essential oil, it is recommended to perform a patch test. Some citrus oils can be phototoxic.

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